Belief in our workisince 2009j

Since established, our business has been mainly

with Kanagawa prefecture and Yokohama city government.

As our new unique publication business, we have stated

to cmpilate and edit Japanese traditional recipes in each region

using the acquired resources and network.

Recent trend toward nuclear families, easy fast food, and

convenisence store food...our food trdition is ceasing.

It is importanto to record valuable knowledge that people

who lived Taisho era and the biginning of Showa era acquired.

Like we pass on our nature to the children, it is our duty

to pass on our traditional food culture to the next generation.

Recent amid calls for Shokuiku - dietary education - and

Chisan Chisho - local production for local consumption -

maybe an alarm against mordern Japanese losing our identity.

We are living in a crazy world where children murdering their

parents, and parents torturing and murdering their children.

We believe that at-home meals sitting at the table with

family members provides an important occasion to wind-down

and communicate with each other. It is a basis for establishing

personal relationship.

Food is a central aspect of our life as well as a basis for

human relationship. Through food, we could learn about our

environment; fields, forest, rivers, ocean.

My wish is that our OKAZU book would serve readers as a

companion to help getting back natural eating habit, also

as a grandmother passing on traditional home-style cookings.